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Last night we went to the souq (the market) and at at a Moroccan restaurant and I ate camel meat for the first time in my life. It tasted like camel, I guess. I struggled briefly over whether this was good or bad but then figured that it’s unlikely that camels are factory farmed here in Qatar and so I might as well.

All in all it’s nice to get back to the Middle East for the people, the hospitality, AND the food. It’s amazing to reconnect to so many friends here and then to have surprise encounters. Last night Laurie and I walked into a meeting at Al Jazeera and encountered a former student who graduated two years ago. That was quite unexpected, to say the least. So there we were, Laurie and I, pitching the PBS pilot that we’re working on to Satnam Matharu, the Director of Communications and International Relations, and sitting in on the meeting as part of his team is Roza Al-Moosafri, who took my SOC 001 class several years ago. Great person…loads of spunk and spirit and insight.

That the pilot is to be filmed in SOC 119, it’s rather prescient that someone would has actually taken a class with me would be part of the meeting. Our idea is to co-produce something with Al Jazeera that would bridge multiple cultures and perspectives. We’ll see what happens. Today we have another meeting with the director of the AJ social media team because we want to take this initiative well beyond the static programming of television and build interactive components on the web where viewers can be “active participants.” Quite exciting in terms of creative potential.

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