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Our Organizational Chart

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We are a student-driven center

We are a student-driven Center meaning that one of our ongoing goals is to operate as fully as possible on undergraduate skills, talents and abilities–as well as on their growing potentials. For two decades, students, regardless of their major or background, have described over and over to us that the real-life application of skills that is tapped at the Center is paramount in their educational experience. In addition to working with student facilitators, we create systems to support increasing student involvement in Center operations, including scheduling and registration systems, data collection and archiving, program assessment, as well as research and development. This structure works well to build a collaborative and innovative work environment that is constantly being re-invigorated and reviewed with “fresh eyes.”


Our small professional staff continues to provide the ongoing structure and support for the Center’s operations so that students can take on administrative, training and supervisory roles and responsibilities on a semester-by-semester basis. We will continue to engage undergraduates at this level because we know it prepares them to be top candidates in their fields by offering them a rare and practical experience--to be part of a multicultural workplace that is responsive to both the needs of our stakeholders as well as the needs of the people who work in it.