MEET OUR staff


Laurie Mulvey - Executive Director

For nearly thirty years, Dr. Laurie Mulvey has been creating classroom spaces that revolve around students rather than lesson plans, and where nuance, uncertainty and a multiplicity of perspectives are crucial to the enterprise of learning. What she now understands is that this type of space is not only necessary to education, but to every venue where humans collaborate and conflict….

DJ Seballos - Assistant Director

Danna Jayne Seballos, known as DJ, is the Assistant Director for the World in Conversation Center for Public Diplomacy (WinC). In that role DJ manages the Center's operations from staffing and HR to budget administration. She started working with what was then the Race Relations Project, as a student facilitator, in 2007. Her efforts as program manager helped transform the Project to World in Conversation in 2010 while her work on the organizational structure laid the foundation for WinC to become a Center in 2013…


Dr. Sam Richards is an award winning teacher and sociologist and the instructor of SOC 119, the largest race and ethnic relations course in the United States. With nearly 800 students each semester and a 30 year legacy, the course is streamed live each week and provides the space in which Sam can push boundaries and encourage people to uncover and question every assumption they have unwittingly inherited so that they learn to think for themselves…


Brenton Mitchell - Senior Programs Manager

Brenton serves as the lead for facilitation training at the Center where he manages all of the training coursework and development of student facilitators. A self proclaimed “doer of stuff and things,” Brenton brings knowledge and experience analyzing complex communication contexts as well as the use of mediation techniques to facilitate effective communication in small and large group settings…

Sheffy Minnick - Facilitation Training Manager

Sheffy's short term goal as the Global Programs Manager is to make WinC dialogues a crucial part of cross cultural training for all NATO cadets. Amidst completing a three year research grant from NATO, Sheffy is working toward a more permanent partnership between NATO and WinC. The long-term partnership will impact the future of cross-cultural training for International Affairs and has the potential to change the landscape of public diplomacy on a global platform…

Michelle Frisby - Operations Manager

In 2006, an assignment for Dana Stuchul’s Curriculum Instruction course (CI295) was my invitation into the work of World in Conversation. I attended a dialogue and remember feeling refreshed, energized and relieved that I could sit with a group of people and engage in a discussion about race. Until that point, I had felt as though when I tried to have discussions about race with my peers, they were often surface level conversations that felt dismissive rather than engaging...


Sarah Chelius - Dialogue Development Specialist

Sarah works with facilitators virtually from Detroit, Michigan, where she lives and works as a community organizer. She is interested in how dialogue and social justice organizing inform one another, and she believes relationships are at the center of how change happens…



Jeff finished his bachelors in Telecommunications from Penn State in the Spring of 2017 and is now helping maintain and innovate the office technology as well as expanding the implementation and reach of the Soc 119 live stream. In the office, Jeff is the go-to guy for anything technology…





Chiluvya Zulu - FoundationS OF Facilitation Trainer & Coordinator

Chiluvya Zulu, one of our recent alums, has returned to World in Conversation to join our Global team. Chiluvya was first a student facilitator and then a member of the team that taught SOC 300, the class that introduces students to the basics of facilitation...


Taylor James - Foundations OF Facilitation Trainer & Coordinator

Taylor, also known as Taylor J., has been a beacon in Pond Lab since her arrival at WinC. Her love for people and genuine connection has allowed her to foster creativity and meaningful relationships…


Cris Espinosa - Facilitator/Coach

Cris’s inspiration to work with WinC comes from her belief that we are all leaders in some arena, be it the leader of a family unit (parent), leader of a work group, leader of a sports team, or just being the person in lead of a group of friends trying to make a decision of where to eat dinner together. Cris sees the facilitator skills learned at WinC as vital leadership skills for college students to help them succeed during and especially in their post college life…

Will Wise Head Shot in Pink with Tie .jpg


A mostly virtual presence at the center striving to be an ever-better partner to facilitators in designing and manifesting their own--and our collective--growth & development on a personal, professional and organizational level…

Will Wise - faculty advisor

When people have the ability to create conversations that matter everything about who they see themselves as can transform. WiLL WiSE loves to create learning spaces in which the student becomes the teacher, where the learning happens through the experience, and the power of questions are unleashed…


Student staff


Natalie Hanson - Facilitator Scheduling Coordinator


Heather Nelson - Assistant Global Coordinator

Dhir Agrawal - Assistant Global Coordinator


Deborah Guerrero - Advanced Facilitation Assistant


Salman Alhabib - Advanced Facilitation Assistant

Teniola Idowu - Advanced Facilitation Assistant


Wahdae Elliott - Research & Development Assistant

Emma Rohan - Foundational Facilitation Assistant


Student InternS