Cris’s inspiration to work with WinC comes from her belief that we are all leaders in some arena, be it the leader of a family unit (parent), leader of a work group, leader of a sports team, or just being the person in lead of a group of friends trying to make a decision of where to eat dinner together. Cris sees the facilitator skills learned at WinC as vital leadership skills for college students to help them succeed during and especially in their post college life. These “soft skills” are often what help people “stand out” in employment situations and be effective leaders, when others have the required “hard skills”.

Cris worked on the front lines in social work and the medical world, on and off for 20 years in the arena of homelessness, safety net healthcare clinics, and access to healthcare for people with chronic disease. Cris was a TA for Soc 119 in the early 1990’s, went on to get her Masters in Contemplative Psychotherapy and has been intrigued and immersed in studying group dynamics since 2011. Working with WinC's Global Team combines her passion of holding a space of inquiry for herself, individuals, and communities to articulate and make explicit the worldviews and perspectives we(sic) all implicitly hold and function from, with being able to work electronically from anywhere in the world via computer, and continuously refine her group facilitation skills.

Cris founded her own company where, when not at WinC, she spends time working as an editor/proofreader and in operations/the tech side of the online education and personal development world.