Sheffy Minnick - Global Programs Manager

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Sheffy's short term goal as the Global Programs Manager is to make WinC dialogues a crucial part of cross cultural training for all NATO cadets. Amidst completing a three year research grant from NATO, Sheffy is working toward a more permanent partnership between NATO and WinC. The long-term partnership will impact the future of cross-cultural training for International Affairs and has the potential to change the landscape of public diplomacy on a global platform.

With that in mind, Sheffy is also in the process of obtaining her Master's in Organizational Development (MODL) and Leadership. Her concentration is organization psychology, which focuses on how leadership teams in organizations work together, impact change, and face challenges as functioning models. Sheffy has seen WinC change on different levels throughout her career which inspired her to study the psychology of organizations. Sheffy is connecting her MODL to her work with NATO and World in Conversation by implementing and refining facilitated dialogue and seeing it as central to the function of an organization.